There are always videos of the motorcycle escort for Honor Flight Northern Colorado, but not many show the riders perspective. Well, here is what we see.

I must first apologize because last Sunday, May 3, was the first time I have ever really used a GoPro. I tried to capture the highlights of the motorcycle escort from Loveland to the Signature hanger at DIA. If it look a bit shaky, well, that is what you get on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

The mount I have was the same mount I used last year on my 10,000 mile ride when I lost the brand new GoPro that Steve Bourassa (he is the rider directly in front of me) and I would surmise the vibration had something to do with it so I will be bracing it up a bit before I leave here in June.

Anyway, this will give you some sort of an idea of what it's like to actually be a part to the Honor Flight Northern Colorado motorcycle escort.