I have never in my life owned anything that was brand new.  That all changed yesterday when I finally did what I was going to do 5 years ago and that was to buy my dream bike; the FLHX Street Glide and the experience I had at Thunder Mountain was about as pleasurable as a trip to the Mustang Ranch, you know, without the girls.

Charley Barnes, Getty Images

Let me start by saying this is in no way an official endorsement but rather just my observation.  I just want to share my experience with you and if you want a piece of it that's up to you. However, if you're looking for a new bike the new promotional deals being offered can't be beat, period.

I wasn't completely sure after test riding a couple Street Glides last week so I went ahead and got a deal on a rental for Sunday and went out riding with a buddy of mine who ironically just bought a Electra Glide "Limited" just a few weeks ago from Thunder Mountain.  (Those are the red bikes in the pictures.)  Everything I was told about the 2013 models were dead on.

Charley Barnes, TSM

The performance of the 103" engine and 6 speed tranny didn't take much getting used to from a twin cam-88 previously.  It was like a night and day difference and with the new frame, cornering is a whole new world with very little 'sway' as you enter and exit.  The other thing I noticed right off the bat was the motor is now secured with 4 rubber mounts vs. 2 and yes, you can tell the difference immediately.

So taking out a rental probably wasn't very smart on my part and I'm sure Justin Lynch and Lonnie Brockman giggled the whole time knowing it was just like baiting a hook and waiting to set it which they did with 96 months which is non-heard of when it comes to motorcycle financing and then 3 months of no payments got thrown in on top of it all.  That combined with a great trade in on my '05 FLHTCUI was too good to pass up, believe me, I tried.

The last thing I wanted to point out was Lonnie Brockman.  Lonnie and I actually go back about 12 or 13 years and it was Lonnie, who then worked for Innomax, was the one who sold me and set up the Innomax bed I still sleep in today.  I figured if he sold me a product that he believed in 100% over a decade ago and one that I still use today and love then I would be wise to listen to him again. Their staff is some of the best around and if they don't have an answer they will ask someone and not make you believe they know the answer when giving you the wrong one.

I think it's called "Integrity."

Charley Barnes, TSM