Ever have one of the unlucky lucky days?  It happened to me on New Years Day and I had mixed emotions about it at first but it's the travesty that took place in my life that day that would change my outlook on the year all together.

When I woke up on New Years Day I leaned over to check the clock and it glared 8:13 AM which tweaked my interest as I started 2013 with eyes open.

I stumbled downstairs not due to a hangover, but from lack of coffee in my system.  Needed coffee instantly...if not sooner.  As I was "patiently" waiting for my coffee crack fix I sat down at the desk to go through morning email. I started by emptying the Yahoo trash bin which ironically had 13 items.

Coffee is now done so I grab the first cup of the day and head outside for a morning stroll down to the mailbox. Sure was a lot of crap. 13 pieces actually, mostly junk mail.

It's getting weird and I am feeling uneasy on the whole "13" thing by this point.

So I walk back in the house and the first thing I notice are my favorite sunglasses in 7 different pieces laying on the living room floor.  The weird thing is I have been trying to find a new pair of shades for 6 months but just haven't pulled the trigger because I could still see out of my favs, sort of.  I get attached to things quite easily.

So I went out to get some new shades and realized that even though my dog hasn't chewed up any of "my" stuff in well over a year, it was a sign of the times. It would be a bright New Year indeed and 2013 will be my lucky year all because my dog chewed up my favorite pair of sunglasses.  OK, my only pair.

As I poured my 13th cup of coffee I realized there is truly a silver lining to every cloud.

How about you?  How did you start off your 2013.?