It's time for me to chime in on the Chris Kyle/Jesse Ventura verdict that was recently handed down that awarded Ventura $1.8 Million in damages.

I want to start by stating that for years, Jesse Ventura was one of my many heroes. If you grew up as a kid watching wrestling, you know what I mean. Then on top of all that, throw in the fact the guy was a Navy Seal; a member of Seal Team 12 during Vietnam specializing in underwater demolition.

Chris Kyle was also a Navy Seal and considered the deadliest sniper ever with over 160 confirmed kills. Kyle was murdered last year at a gun range while working with some men with PTSD.

It was back in October of 2006 at Coronado’s McP’s Irish Pub & Grill during the SEALs’ annual get-together that Chris Kyle and Jesse Ventura had a confrontation during a wake to honor Michael Mansoor, a SEAL who threw himself onto an exploding grenade in Iraq to save the lives of fellow SEALs.

By most accounts, Ventura was running his mouth about how more SEAL's should be lost and that they basically deserved what they got.

Did I mention Ventura was a former NAVY SEAL?

Chris Kyle told him to stop and warned him. Ventura kept on and Kyle punched him. Who the hell wouldn't. The real problem however started after Kyle published his book (American Sniper) and Ventura claimed the incident was all a lie and that his career was ruined because of it so he filed a lawsuit. As I mentioned earlier, Kyle was murdered last year.

Why would Chris Kyle fabricate a story like this?

So, the case finally went to the jury and they came back in favor of Jesse Ventura but made a statement by only awarding $1.8 Million instead of the $5 to $15 Million they were seeking.

Here's my point: I believe Chris Kyle, and his witnesses, who all say Ventura had it coming by running his mouth and calling for more his own brothers. Has this guy totally lost his mind? What kind of Navy SEAL would turn on one of his own because he got his ass kicked and embarrassed.?  Jesse Ventura, that's who. My one time hero is now lower than the scum of the Earth in my book. To sue Chris Kyle while he was alive is one thing but to continue the lawsuit after he was murdered is just plain wrong in my opinion and how he can take money away from his widow and children is beyond me.