Our jobs here at K99 now encompass writings stories and passing along information we feel is important to our audience.  We've been charged with writing thought provoking conversation and when it comes to Amendment 64, there is a lot of conversation both ways. Today is my turn to share what is only meant to be thought provoking conversation.

I have sat silent and watched the blogs of many of my co-workers and others around the state and country about the passing of Amendment 64 this past November.  So I figured I too had the right to give my take on it and pass along how I see it.  Doesn't mean I am right or wrong, it's just my opinion so please keep that in mind.

When it comes to "drugs" the FDA lists alcohol and tobacco as "drugs" like any other "substance" in addition to marijuana.  Anything that 'alters your state of mind' is a drug.  Let's keep that in mind first and foremost.  It just so happens that the drug of your choice may be alcohol. So in other words, an alcoholic can technically be called a drug addict too.

In fact, did you know the top five most addictive substances are Nicotine, Heroin, Cocaine, Alcohol and Caffeine.? Marijuana by contrast is mostly a non-addictive product;  less than 9%.  Ever try and quit smoking cigarette's?  Talk about addictive...and it's legal.  Do you know an alcoholic?  If you say you have never had one in your life, you'd be lying.  I have seen first hand what booze can do on numerous occasions.  It will make people do things they never would in a million years.  You know this to be true as well...and it's legal.

Here's my point and I have the right to say this because I do both.  If marijuana should be illegal then tobacco/nicotine and alcohol should be as well.  I rarely drink alcohol but I abuse the hell out of nicotine and held completely captive by it. And this whole "gateway drug" idea was ditched 30 years ago. People who smoke pot aren't shooting heroin the next week. Tell that to a hard drinker or cigarette smoker and how they have and continue to escalate; until it's too late. But who cares as long we keep buying their poison's. Crazy right?  Everyone KNOWS what is going to happen but it's legal so the rich just keep getting richer.

Alcohol kills how many people every year in auto accidents alone? You don't want to know.  How many teenagers are having babies because they got drunk and slept with her boyfriend?  How many wives have been beat into coma's, or worse because of alcohol?  How many kids have been beaten because of drunk parents?  Too harsh? And alcohol is legal?  How many people a year does tobacco kill?  You don't want to know.

So why is tobacco and alcohol legal?  Because of the billions of dollars it generates for these companies, their lobbyist' and the politicians they feed that make the laws for you and I and society as a whole.  Embarrassing.

This all falls under the common sense category in my humble opinion. The two most deadly substances known to man (which are both synthetic by the way...not natural) are legal but still abused.  And let's not throw 'kids' into the conversation because it's just as easy if not easier to get smokes and booze from their own homes by Mom and Dad's liquor cabinet or fridge.

My bottom line is that of the "big 3" marijuana/cannabis is by far the safest form of altering your state of mind. In fact, it's the only flowering annual known to man that has both a male and female plant. Isn't that key for survival of any species? Aren't we to believe that all things were put on this earth for a reason?  Yes, that includes the poppy and cocoa plant.  It was meant to be a pain reliever, not a man-made (synthetic) drug to be shot in your veins with a needle or snorted up your nose.  Those of you who believe in God and creation can't argue this point.  "God provides everything for a reason."

But it really doesn't matter what your religious take is, scientific fact is just that; fact!  It is the least harmful "drug" known to man and the only side effects to speak of is an increased appetite; the side effects of nicotine and alcohol don't compare.

So, let's stop being ignorant hypocrite's as we drink ourselves into a drunken stupor talking about the no good pot heads. (Definition of ignorant is not stupid; it means not having all the facts.)  The truth is you are surrounded by them everyday; cops, lawyers, doctors, school teachers etc. and you never knew and still don't.

Now, I need a beer...or 6!