Tonight is the NFL Draft. Yeah football!!! The Broncos have the 31st pick in the first round. I have no idea who they will take and there is a 99.1 percent chance I will have never heard of the guy. I will be glued to the TV watching and dreaming of the upcoming season.

We know we were one game short of winning it all last year. It was an ugly Super Bowl loss but we know our team is very strong and should once again compete for a championship. We are lucky to be Broncos fans. Fans of other teams aren't as lucky. They go into each season knowing they will have no change at winning it all. Cleveland Browns fans are a great example. They haven't sniffed a championship ever and it can rough on the fans as you can see in this video. This is one of the funniest fan rants I have ever seen. Be warned there is a little swear word a few seconds into it when he references Kenny Chesney. You will laugh...I promise. Happy Draft Day!