Just as one person finds something funny another may be insulted, please know it's not this dog lovers intent, but I cracked myself up last night while watching TV with Sam.

D Dennison-TSM


  • Get up!
  • Get Ready for Work
  • Check Email, do a little Work from Home, Feed the Animals and clean the Cat Box
  • Drive to Work
  • Work!
  • Drive Home, maybe stop for Errands
  • Cook, Order or Go Out to Dinner, feed Animals
  • Check Email, do a little Work from Home, see what's on sale at Coach (I am a bit addicted to Coach-but only on sale), plan either an imaginary Trip or a real one, see who is up to what on Facebook
  • Shower (always twice a day-I'm kind of addicted to clean)
  • Make Popcorn and go Upstairs to Watch a favorite show or two
  • Go to Sleep! (And get ready to start all over again)

It's in between the popcorn, tv and sleep where last night made me laugh. My James was with, as was my Sam (as he is every night-he too is addicted to popcorn-please do not send hate mail for me giving him a few pieces) He, Sam, is staring at me, waiting for that piece of popcorn... I am into my show (can you tell what it is? - hint, I don't watch regular broadcast tv, I usually find all my favorites on Netflix, typically after you have already seen all the episodes ever made) and not responding well to his request. Sam continues to stare at me while panting. I finally say, "stop it". My James says, what is doing? Cause seriously, look at him, he really is just being cute while staring at me. I look at my James and say, "um, ahh... breathing"?! James smiles and laughs and says, "well, he kind of needs to breathe, babe"! That instantly made me laugh at myself, (which in fact is good for you so says science) because really that was a stupid response from me. I had to think about it for a while and then looked at James, by the way, Sam doesn't stop 'breathing' or looking at me. So, I continue to laugh and think about what I said... then the root of my issue, he, Sam, is looking at me, just wanting a piece of popcorn and panting... Ah-Ha! His breath stinks and he is aiming that weapon at me.

The moral of the story, should there be one.... brush your pets teeth more frequently, give them a piece of popcorn (please see plea above for no hate mail) and watch what you say, because surely, I would not be happy if Sam actually listened to me and stopped breathing!