Men have gotten a bad reputation for not paying attention. I know a lot of wives feel like we are never focused unless we are staring at a football game, aiming our rifle at a target, or maybe at our jobs but I can tell you there is one time when we are focused like no other...when we see a spider while sitting on the toilet.

This just happened to me today and I can tell you my focus was intense. I was just sitting there doing my morning business when I saw a spider climbing the wall across the bathroom from me. When you are sitting there with your pants around your ankles and you spot one of those 8-legged critters scurrying up the wall you are dead eye focused on that arachnid. You don't want to take your eyes off of it for even a second. You want to know where that thing is at all times. If you take your eyes off of it, you could lose track of it and wonder if it crawled in your pants or near parts of your exposed body. Do you sit there and wait until you are done with our business and then get out or do you penguin walk over with your pants at your feet to kill it immediately? Tough call. I finished my job with my eye on the spider like a soldier on surveillance duty and then went over and took out the enemy with an old magazine. What an unpleasant way to start the day. My blood pressure is through the roof but my insides are empty and my mind is wide awake. Men can focus...sometimes it takes fear and being vulnerable. Damn spiders.