Weird News

A Bear Crosses Through A CO Foot Race
I thought we'd covered all of the recent unusual bear intrusions, but apparently I was wrong.  Thank goodness this one kept going on its path as the runners did the same!
Then again, maybe it was Man who was intruding.  I suppose it depends on who you ask...
A Bear Is Rescued From A Car
First, a bear tears a bumper off a car in Steamboat because it smelled like donuts.  That was just last week!
About that same time, we also heard about the bear who broke into a house in Vail and played the piano.  Weird, scary, and cute, all at once...
Bad GPS Directions Eat Up A Surprising Amount Of Time
A couple weeks back I was goin' somewhere new in Denver, and it dawned on me how amazing it is, the CONFIDENCE we can now have while driving somewhere completely strange... thanks to Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, the navigation system built into your car, or your 2003 Garmin that really should…
The Word Coloradoans Misspell Most
Between Spell Check and the informality of texting, does anyone truly even care whether they are spelling something correctly?  It seems like a lost art, much like writing a nice, handwritten letter (and properly stamping and addressing the envelope before mailing it...
Is this the Worst Tourist Trap in Colorado?
People travel to Colorado for all sorts of reasons, but mainly because we have so many unique attractions to do and see. From the historic Stanley Hotel to Red Rocks and Rocky Mountain National Park, tourists have plenty of awesome places to cross off their Colorado bucket list.

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