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Interesting Colorado Town Slogans
Next time the power goes out, or you're stranded somewhere (like "To Hell You Ride," for example...,) or you're just trying to pass time on the job, you can always make up your own slogans for towns around Colorado. Until then, you're sure to stay entertained with these rea…
Amazon’s Treasure Truck Is On Its Way to Colorado
A couple of weeks ago, it was announced that Denver may be in the running as a possible second location for Amazon's headquarters. But while we wait to see if that pans out, we can look forward to the company's Treasure Truck rolling into Colorado on a much sooner date.
Mobile Bong Cleaning Service Opens in Denver
Perhaps you've been there. Your bong or pipe tastes like raw sewage, smells like it too, but you just can't find the motivation to clean that sucker yourself. And, you really don't feel like leaving your house. But, you have plenty of money.

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