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Traces of Weedkiller Found in Popular Ice Cream Brand
When you get that craving for good ice cream, you might be just like me and head to the brand that will satisfy your craving... Ben & Jerry's. You can find their ice cream all over the country in grocery stores, drug stores and convenience stores ready for your eating pleasure. An.…
The Best Seats for The Solar Eclipse Out of Denver
Everybody has the date circled. August 21st. It's the day the moon will cover the sun and darken our day for about 3 minutes and spook the livestock. We will be fortunate to be close enough to the moon's path the get most if not all of the eclipse...
Trilby Closed At The Railroad Crossing
I keep a calendar on my phone that I look at numerous times a week.  Still, do you think I looked at it this morning before remembering this?  Of course not :)
The railroad crossing is being repaired, so Trilby road is closed at this location between Shields and College...
The Man Who Saves The Cowboys At Cheyenne Frontier Days
Meet Barrel Man Cody Sosebee.
When things get too rough for the cowboys he jumps in to save them.
He knows what he is doing because he used to be on the other end of the game. But after years of taking a beating for the cheering crowds, he thought that perhaps he was getting too old and, in his words,…
The Most Hated Thing In Each State
While I'm sick to death (and rather scared, honestly) of hearing about what everyone around me strongly disapproves of - hey, why not have a little fun with it while the tide is high?
Go ahead.  Guess what we hate in Colorado.
Giant pickups...

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