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Should the Broncos Trade for Tony Romo? [POLL]
One of the biggest question marks for the Broncos this year is the quarterback position. We have seen both Lynch and Siemian give it shot and both have been okay and not okay at times. I think they are both decent but not one of them is going to win a game for the team on their own.
Von Miller Tries to Sack the Release of Sex Tape
Super Bowl MVP Von Miller is trying to block the release of a sex tape that was filmed months ago after vacationing in Mexico on the off season.
According to KDVR,  Elizabeth Ruiz filmed the encounter on her cell phone and offered the video to Von Miller for 2...
The Next Broncos Game Moved to Sunday Night Football
After the stunning win over the saints on Sunday, you are probably itching for another Broncos game. Unfortunately for us Broncos fans, they are on a bye week and the next game isn't until the Sunday after Thanksgiving. The upcoming Bronco game was scheduled to be at 2:25 p...
Will the Broncos Rebound and March Over the Saints? [POLL]
Our Broncos have been a bit off lately. After winning the Super Bowl they started the season strong and looked like a repeat championship type of team. Since then they have looked like they might be lucky to make the playoffs. They are in, what looks like, the toughest division in football.
Brandon Marshall Takes a Stand in Game 9 Against Raiders
Brandon Marshall has taken a knee at every game so far this season. The Sunday night game against the Oakland Raiders, Marshall took a different approach and stood during the National Anthem at Oakland Alameda Coliseum.
Hours before kickoff in Oakland, Marshall took to Instagram to inform fans that w…

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