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CDC Warns Consumers Not to Eat Romaine Lettuce
UPDATE: The CDC now has expanded the warning to all romaine lettuce from all locations. 
If you love your Romaine lettuce, you might want to take a look into your fridge and get rid of what you have the Center for Disease Control is warning...
Colorado Couple Charged for Having Sex With Dog
This is probably one of the most bizarre stories I have ever heard of.... An Aurora couple is charges of animal cruelty for allegedly having sex with a dog, a Siberian Hound named Bubba, numerous times.
According to Sentinel Colorado, the couple recorded the acts in their motor home that is located o…
Falling Tree Kills Colorado Woman in Windstorm
Earlier this week a Louisville woman was killed by a falling tree during a windstorm. The powerful windstorm that blew through our state earlier this week wreaked havoc all over Colorado.
Reports are that the woman stopped to take a rest while moving when a tree blew over in the windstorm fell on her…

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