Recipe Rescue

Recipe Rescue: Side Dish Dilemma Solved
Side dishes throw me for the biggest loop ever... I can easily figure out the star of the meal, usually chicken and can come up with a starch (because that's my favorite part of the meal) but a side dish... a cool and tasty side dish not just opening a can or bag of veggies or throwing green be…
Recipe Rescue: Easy No Worries Potluck Take-A-Long
It's usually a scramble for me to figure out what to take to a potluck in the summer (in the middle of the week), it always seems that when you get to the big party everyone has brought a salad and there isn't any real protein (unless there is a bbq with hamburgers). But a lot of the time …
Recipe Rescue: Stuffed Zucchini Makes a Great Meal
By now you are likely swimming in zucchini and regretting putting in more than 2 zucchini plants. After all there is only so much grilled zucchini, zucchini chocolate cake and raw zucchini in your salad a fella can take. Stuffed zucchini is pretty easy and really good.
Recipe Rescue: Christine’s Amazing Fresh Garden Salsa
I am thankful to have Christine in my life, oh the way our connections are made in this life are extraordinary. She made an awesome salsa this morning and I said I must share that, so all the way from Kansas she invites us into her kitchen for a most amazing fresh garden salsa.
Recipe Rescue: Perfect Sunday Brunch Casserole
The thing about weekend cooking is we seemingly have more time, but really just want to be pampered. The weekend is already full of honey do this and honey do that, to throw cooking a great meal verses opening a cereal box can be a chore, not anymore. This affordable and easy casserole will make it …

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