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How Many Times, If Ever, Have You Been Fired? [POLL]
The business world can be an ugly place. It can be an unfortunate place at times where good people lose their jobs for no reason. It has probably happened to you or someone you know. I know it happened to my wife years ago after putting in 30 plus years for someone
Logging Out of Facebook and Logging Into Life
I am guilty of preaching things and not always practicing what I preach. I talk all the time about putting work and life into priorities. I talk about getting all of your business done before you walk through that door at home and give yourself to your family and loved ones. I thought I was doing th…
Update on My Training for Johnny’s Community Run
Well next weekend is Johnny's Community Run. This great event in the memory of John Jacoby is the one I decided I would train for and try to run. I am getting there. We are just a couple of weeks away and I am making progress nicely. I have been training on the treadmill and actually did a 5K o…

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