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Yesterday I Hit Goal 4 of My 5 Weight Loss Goals – One More to Go
It was another amazing day at Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor yesterday. I hit goal number 4 of my 5 weight loss goals. I am beyond proud and happy. I don't think there is another human aside from myself who thought I could do this but I am rocking it at an amazing, exciting and healthy pace…
A Simple Recipe for National Men Make Dinner Night [RECIPE]
Today is National Men Make Dinner Night, which can also translate to National Let's Go Out to Dinner Night. C'mon guys! Get in the kitchen tonight and whip her up a meal. It is not that tough and she will love you for it. Some men do all the cooking in the home and there are some who can&a…
What is the Denver Broncos Greatest Weakness? [POLL]
To say our Denver Broncos have been a mess this month would be an understatement. This is a team that we have been spoiled by and expect a Super Bowl caliber team each year and some years it just isn't there. I think this is one of those years.

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