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Who Makes the Most Delicious Donuts in Northern Colorado? [POLL]
Sometimes there is nothing as tasty as a fresh baked delicious donut. I have been in love with them since I was a kid. My Uncle Glen used to own a bakery in Walhalla, North Dakota. It was right across the alley from my grandma's house and we would smell that aroma of fresh baked donuts wafting …
Will You Watch the State of the Union Address Tonight? [POLL]
Well tonight is the night we dreaded as kids. The night when every single channel, that was 5 when I was a kid, will be all showing the same thing...the State of the Union address. I remember hating this night as a kid. The only thing we had to watch other than the address was PBS so we always watch…
My Thanks for Another Incredible Habajeeba Show [PICTURES]
Wow! What an amazing night. Thank you to everyone who came out to the show Friday night. Habajeeba 2018 was a huge success and I am still floating. There was so much love and laughter in the air that my heart is still bursting. My dreams once again turned into reality.

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