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9 Reasons To Watch The NFL This Season
Just 6 more days until the NFL season kicks off! I am a football fanatic and cannot wait. The time from February to September is the longest 6 months for any fan and it is over. I have come up what I believe are the 9 biggest reasons to watch the NFL this year.
Good Morning Guys Are Ready For Windsor Harvest Festival
Todd and I are not royalty but we will feel like it on Monday. We will be riding in the Windsor Harvest Festival parade aboard a coach from Kiowa Creek Coaches LLC. These bad boys are pulled by some of the most amazing, huge and beautiful horses you will ever see.
Which of These Things About Todd Harding Is Not True? [POLL]
I have  done many things in my life that could be considered a little bit out of the ordinary. I have bungee jumped!  I have fallen out of a raft in the Poudre River!   I have worn a dress on stage 3 different times.  I have won a CMA Award.  I've knocked myself out cold by hitting my head on the ce…
Craig Morgan Gives Brian Gary A New Truck
I got a new truck from Craig Morgan today! I have received a lot of gifts in my career but this is first for me. I have given away many trucks during my 20 plus years at K99 but have always wondered how cool it would be to have someone do that for me. I now know.
What is the Ugliest Sculpture in Fort Collins? [POLL]
I embarked on a quest yesterday afternoon to find the ugliest sculpture in Fort Collins, and believe me, we have plenty to choose from. Please keep in mind this is very subjective and only my opinion. My aim is not to hurt the feelings of the artists, who created these pieces, but honestly some of t…
Habajeeba Show In Loveland One Month Away
It is exactly one month away. The Good Morning Guys Habajeeba Good Time Variety Happy Hour comedy show returns September 28th to the Rialto Theater in Loveland. This will be the 5th show that Todd and I have done and it will be the best one yet.
I Want My Records Back – Brian’s Blog
I opened my mail today and was thrilled to find a RECORD. Yes, an honest to goodness album showed up in my mail. Lee Brice made a few copies of his new release "Hard 2 Love" on 180 gram vinyl. I love it!
What Was Your Favorite Concert This Summer [POLL]
There were so many great concerts this summer!  There was the Brothers of the Sun tour in Denver,  Eric Churh sold out Red Rocks,  Cheyenne Frontier Days had an amazing Lineup this year.  Luke Bryan sold out the Greeley Stampede.  However, my favorite show by far this year w…
A Week Off The Grid – Brian’s Blog
I am back to work after a wonderful week off. I love my job but I need a break now and then. I did what I wanted to do which was absolutely nothing. This job requires getting up at 3 am so I am usually in bed by 8. The thing I love to do on my vacations is stay up late and sleep in late. I was up un…

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