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K99 Listeners Share Home Remedies for Kidney Stones
I have had my share of ailments through the years as you well know if you have followed me at all. I have battled diabetes, heart attack, MRSA and other bizarre infections, depression, anxiety and panic attacks to name a few. I changed my life in the past year and have never felt better until this..…
Remembering Those We’ve Lost on Lost Sock Memorial Day
Today is one of those days to remember those we have lost. There is not one of us who not been effected by this. I am talking about the painful ache of losing one of your beloved socks. I know it can hurt to talk about but we have all been there. This is the day to let it all out on Lost Sock Memori…
The Day When My Heartless Wife Snapped My Therapy Stick
It may have seemed like a harmless move but my wife crushed me in a split second without even trying and it all involved a stick. I know this may sound petty and trivial but to me this was a soul crusher. Sit back and hear the tale of the therapy stick and the accidentally cruel wife.
Eddie Rabbitt Passed Away 20 Years Ago Today [VIDEO]
I think one of the most underrated country singers of all time was Eddie Rabbitt. I loved his music and he seemed like such a cool dude. Eddie died of cancer on this date 20 years ago today. He started releasing hits back in the early 70's and continued all the way until he left us.

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