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Are You Watching Less NFL Football Than You Used To? [POLL]
I have been reading more and more about how NFL ratings are down and the popularity, for the first time that I can remember, seems to be declining. I think we know why. I know that around here the Broncos have been flat out painful to watch so you may have tuned them out earlier than usual
Let’s Embrace ‘International Day for Tolerance’ Today
Who somebody else loves and wants to be with should have no effect on your life whatsoever. Who somebody else thinks has great ideas and would be a great leader should have no effect on you whatsoever. What kind of music or food someone likes should have no effect on your whatsoever.
I DID IT!!! Yesterday I Reached My Ultimate Goal! [VIDEO]
This has been the most life changing year of my of my life and it isn't even over yet. I can't believe all the things that have happened in 2017. It all started with a fantastic Habajeeba Show in January, which turned into quite an ordeal when we almost lost Todd to horrible traffic accide…
Is Anyone Else Living in a ‘Sick House’ Right Now? [POLL]
I have not been sick in ages but yesterday...BOOM! There is some nasty stuff going around right now and yesterday when I got home from reading to the kids at High Plains School in Loveland, I collapsed in bed shivering and sweating. I could not find the strength to get out.
Stephen Colbert Mocks Keith Urban and Looks Like Idiot [VIDEO]
I love comedy and irreverence but sometimes a topic just isn't funny and you can end up looking like an idiot if you try to do humor about it. Stephen Colbert is a perfect example of this. I have always thought he was ok...nothing special but ok. I now think he is complete idiot

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