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Help Wish My Grandson Zayden a Very Happy 4th Birthday
I like to think I am a funny guy but I have nothing on my youngest grandson Zayden. This little guy is going to be a bit like Papa I am afraid. He seems more concerned about getting a laugh than his own well being or safety. He just loves being the goofy, funny one. I am preparing for a very interes…
How Scared Are You to Drive on I-25 on a Scale of 1-5? [POLL]
I am a big scary looking dude but I am actually an emotional teddy bear...with a bit of a naughty side. I can take on most things but there are certain things that I will avoid at all cost. I will not battle and will actually run from spiders, snakes, mayonnaise, heights and traveling on I-25.
Do You Drink the Milk at the End of a Bowl of Cereal? [POLL]
There was a time in my life when cereal and popcorn were my two main food products. I pretty much existed on these items when I was a young man first venturing out on my own. There are many of us who are cereal freaks. There are so many of us that there are actually restaurants that only serve cerea…

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