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Exercising When You are Too Out of Shape to Exercise
I am far from being a fitness expert but I do know a bit about losing weight and keeping it off after what I have done this past year. One of the most difficult parts of losing over 140 lbs was not just learning how to eat right, it was how to exercise.
Why You Won’t Hear Me Say ‘Happy’ Memorial Day
You may hear me wish you a great Memorial Day weekend but you will never hear me say "happy" Memorial Day. Monday is Memorial Day and while many of us look at this as a long weekend and the unofficial kickoff of summer, it is much more important than that.
Inspirational Thoughts From the Mind of Brian Gary
I spend a lot of time thinking. Just sitting around and getting lost in my brain is one of my favorite pastimes and it can be both scary and rewarding. I am not sure how this brain of mine works but I try to figure it out on a daily basis. I like to try to improve my mind and gain wisdom. Many times…
Game 7 Tonight – Can the Colorado Eagles Do It? [POLL]
We are so lucky to have the Colorado Eagles right here in our own backyard. This has been such a successful franchise and such an asset to our area. They have been all of those things but they have also been darn good. They are so good that they won it all last year and are a game away from advancin…
How My Viking Purple Blood Got an Orange Tint to It
Let's be very clear about something to begin with..I am a huge Denver Bronco fan. I love the Broncos and will cheer for them every week unless they play my Minnesota Vikings. I cheer for Denver and have adopted them as my second favorite team without question but when you are born and raised in…

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