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Help Me Celebrate the Upcoming Addition to My Wonderful Family
There are certain things just make you excited and the birth of an upcoming grandchild is right at the top of the list. I already have 3 amazing beautiful gifted grandchildren but I am going to be adding to the group. Zander, Zayden and Kirzi and going to be joined by a new member of the family in t…
Reason Number 114 Why I Might Have To Punch Todd Harding
I have been working with Todd Harding for 30 years now and I love this man. I love him dearly but at the same time feel the desire to slap him around a little...oh trust me, he deserves it. Todd, Susan and I always have each other's backs but there are things that each of us do that drive the o…
Northern Colorado’s 2017 Pumpkin Patch Guide
Pumpkin picking season is one of the best seasons in the entire Northern Colorado region. But where can you go to pick up the right pumpkin for your house? Here are five locations in Northern Colorado that you should check out!

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