I don't know about you, but when I think of a cast iron skillet I think of my mom. My mom made the best ever fried chicken and when she used her cast iron skillet it was even better. I had always wanted a cast iron skillet, but had never purchased one. One year, I'm thinking about 4 years ago my son-in-law and his wife asked what I wanted for Christmas and it just came out, a cast iron skillet. And low and behold, I got a cast iron skillet.


I was so excited to have this beautiful kitchen appliance? Sure, kitchen appliance, but afraid of it too. Believe it or not with the great and mighty internet and the most amazing search engines available to us today, I let that incredible pan sit in the cupboard for a year as I didn't know how to season it and didn't want to ruin it.

Finally one dark and cold day (not true, but trying to be Steven King to make this a bit more exciting) I looked it up on the internet and was all set to season my cast iron skillet and start using it. And of course my first meal would be fried chicken. I head to the kitchen full of intent and purpose, you could likely hear the gun slingers whistle as I approached the kitchen, I was determined. I reach into the cupboard, me mano per mano (I have no idea what that means or if I got it right) And then....

And then I saw it, right there on the tag that I had left intact, PRE-SEASONED AND READY TO USE!!!!!!! What? How did I not see this before, was I so excited that I was blinded by its beauty when I removed it from it's colorful Christmas wrap a year before? After my mini meltdown on the wasted year, I got busy and made my famous fried chicken (I say that cause the kids would always request it and my James has only ever cooked two things that I know of and one of them is my fried chicken, the older kids always want it when I have them to dinner and ask what they want, that and cabbage-go figure-oh that's right, I cook it with bacon, but if you follow Recipe Rescue, you already know that)

I know primarily use my cast iron skillet for everything, I did mess up and not dry it well enough once and had to put my seasoning skills to the test. I was looking today for a video for you on how to season a cast iron skillet and out of all of them I found one that I couldn't stop watching, the lady is a hoot or maybe it was my mood, but nonetheless I hope that you enjoy.