Her FOURTH album since winning American Idol comes out (finally) this year!

What's the name of Carrie Underwood's new album? Can't say yet- -

But we have the name of the first SINGLE and when you can hear THAT inside-

PLUS- vote one which of our FIVE is your favorite Carrie video!

Come on in!

Sure, Carrie Underwood had a great hit with Brad Paisley in 2011 with "Remind Me"- but that was off of Brad's "This Is Country Music" album.

Carrie's 4th album- the latest since "Play On"  was in 2009, so we've been eagerly awaiting this stuff!

Then... BAM!  She posted this just the other day:

"Good Girl"... OK, OK....fair enough. But WHEN is "SOON"?

Our friends at Taste Of Country are reporting the new single will 'drop' February 23rd. So be listening for it that fourth week of February.  As for the new album's release date- no one knows for sure yet.

I have $5 on March 13th.

In the meantime, I've lined up FIVE of her greatest videos-- which is your favorite?

All American girl

Jesus take the wheel


undo it (live)

before he cheats