The Carrie Underwood run continues with the new single off her fourth album, "Blown Away."  Underwood had mentioned upon the albums release that the new songs took a more 'dark' path and the newest single called "Two Black Cadillacs" is quite evident of this.


Carrie Underwood, Official FB Page

Carrie Underwood's fourth album "Blown Away" debuted at #1 on the charts and the first single, "Good Girl," also reached #1 and the second single, "Blown Away," peaked in the top 10.  Now that real 'dark storyline' she spoke of earlier this year comes out in the third release called "Two Black Cadillacs."

It's that same old sad story. Two women getting burned by the same guy who is playing them both. One married to him and the other the infamous mistress and of course neither of the ladies is aware of the other.

But when they find out they actually do what most women would want to do. You can see the end coming in the title as the first time they meet is at his funeral.

Woops, did I give it away?

But did he buy them the "Two Black Cadillacs" they arrive to the funeral in?

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