Carrie Underwood is celebrating her 29th birthday today!

She's beautiful, rich, married to a pro hockey player, and of course-- talented!

To celebrate her birthday, we've collected her FIVE most-viewed videos on YouTube - and added the sneak-peek of  her latest video for "Good Girl"!

Take a look!

Carrie Underwood shares the same birthday as Chuck Norris- though they little else in common. They are almost complete opposites!

Carrie came to fame in 2005 on the fourth season of American Idol and hasn't looked back since!  She's had multi-million selling albums; Grammy Awards, CMA Awards, ACM Awards and more!

She's also had a slew of GREAT videos! Here are Carrie Underwood's top five most-viewed videos on YouTube!

At #5 with almost 10 million views--

With over 11 million views--#4!

#3 has had over 13 million views-

Carrie Underwood's 2nd most viewed video with over 23 million views!

and THE MOST viewed video - with OVER 30 MILLION YouTube views--

Now, a sneak-peek of Carrie's latest video for "Good Girl"!
The FULL video will debut Monday night on Entertainment Tonight!

Happy Birthday Carrie!