It seems when things get stressful at work or home I cannot shut off my brain enough to sleep. I can nod off in the chair in the living room but if I try to go to bed I cannot sleep. If I am in the chair I can just naturally nod off due to exhaustion but as soon as I go to bed my mind starts thinking about the next day. I will toss and turn and have my brain scanning everything I need to do the next day and start worrying about it. I will run through the upcoming day and all that has to be done and become overwhelmed before I even start the day.

I have a cure that works for me when I am having those nights when my brain just won't stop. I picture blackness. I know it sounds simple but it actually helps me fade away. I just lay there and picture complete blackness. I let my mind just focus on black. As thoughts of other things try to enter my brain, I mentally blacken them and make it all dark then before you know it morning is here and you can do all the things you were worrying about. Usually you find out they weren't worth worrying about in the first place. My mind is a strange thing and I have to come up with ways to live with it. My nightly black outs are one of my coping skills. Hope you are able to fade to black each night. We need our sleep.