It didn't take me long in my journey as a mom to find creative ways to get the kids to eat their vegetables. Okay, so this one has bacon and you could argue whether or not it was wise of me to introduce this to them, but then again, it has BACON!


1 Head Green Cabbage, Chopped

½ lb Bacon (I use a thick-cut applewood smoked bacon)

1 Medium Yellow Onion, Chopped or Diced

½ tsp. Cheyenne Pepper

Salt and Pepper to Taste (watch the salt as the bacon will provide a lot of salt)

½ C Water


Cut Bacon in One Half Inch Pieces and Cook in a Dutch Oven Until Almost Done. Add the Onion, Turn Heat to Medium and Cook Until the Onion is Translucent, About 3-5 Minutes. –stir frequently

Turn Heat to Medium Low and Add Chopped Cabbage and Water, Cover and Let Simmer till Cabbage is Soft, About 20 Minutes..

This cabbage goes well with just about everything. I serve it a lot with pork chops and even kielbasa.  (extra bonus: all of my kids love this one!)