I am convinced that children and animals are the best therapists in the world. I know that when I am down my grandson can sense it and gives me a little extra love and cuddle but do your dogs sense it too?

Researchers at the Department of Psychology at the University of London came up with a procedure to tell whether domestic dogs could identify and respond to emotions in humans. They found that dogs really can tell when you are down. No wonder they are man's best friend. I know that when I have come home down or sick and just need to sit, my oldest pup Mini can sense it will just sit near me. She is the most mentally unbalanced of my herd but for some reason knows exactly when you need some extra loving. Even though they can drive me crazy at times, I am so lucky to have these three little therapists running around my home.

If you have dogs and you swear they know when you are sad or stressed...they do and they are there to help. Rest homes and rehabilitation centers use animals all the time because of the healing and understanding they bring without saying a word. I wish we as humans had the same senses. We tend to get to involved and try to solve each others problems when all we really need is someone to listen and love us and not say a word. Thank you Mini for being such a good friend.

Do your animals know when you are down? Do they lift you up too?