Yesterday in our digital team meeting, we played a game called Telestrations. This was a blast. The way the game is played, is that you get a booklet with several pages in it. On the first page is a secret word. On page 2, you draw an illustration of the word and pass it to the person next to you. They then look at what you drew, guess what it is, and write their guess down on the next page and pass it to next person. They then look at the guess written and draw a picture of what the other person just guessed. You keep doing this and passing the books around until you get your book back again. It is hilarious to see what you started with and how it ends up. Check out our game below.


I drew the above picture which Susan thought was "An Argument," so she then drew this picture.


Brian Gary, TSM


Which Todd thought was "War of the Words," so Adam drew this because he thought it said "War of the Worlds."



Brian Gary, TSM


I cannot tell you what Derek thought this was, but it caused me to draw this...careful it is rather adult themed.


By the way, this whole thing started because I was to draw an Eskimo kiss, which ended up as some kind of space porn.