I have seen the cutest pictures of kids and dogs all day and wanted to take a minute to share some with you and if you have your own, please share them. There is always room for adorable!

D Dennison-TSM "My Sam, Kind of Like Where's Waldo"

My Sam had fun in the snow earlier, now he looks at me when I open the door as if to say "Hey, if I go out there now, you won't find me till Spring, ummm... wait it is Spring"?!?!?!

I had fun looking at all of my friends pics and pulled a few for us to look at:

Kellen Shoveling, I hear he got pretty worn out! :)

Grandma and Grandpa seemed to be having a lot of fun with Kellen, although he may have some rights under the child labor laws.... Just kidding, there is nothing more precious than seeing a little tyke with a snow shovel, before long you can watch him from the living room window while you sip hot coffee. :)

Mellissa, pretending to shovel with mom!

This is one of the dearest girls, helping her mother shovel snow, at least that is what she is trying to convince mom of, but I think if you'll notice in this next pic, her shovel is down and we've already seen her with the puppy....

Mellissa and Mellanie um shoveling

Silly kids... tricks are for the parents...

Cyndi puppy on Snow Day

I can't quite tell if he has given up, he is stuck, taking a break or turning back to mom saying "hello, I need a little help here"

Morgan and Ashley D having some Snow Day Fun, Thanks Shelby

There was a whole group of these girls having a blast and making memories on this Snow Day... I couldn't pass up sharing this picture, this is what high school and Snow Days are all about... Thanks for lending to the memories Poudre School District!

You have your own pictures, bring 'em on. I'll post cute videos too... if we're gonna be nearly snowed in (I got stuck on my own hill on my own circle coming home tonight-thank you btw neighbors who were shoveling and stopped to give me a shove) we might as well share our snow stories with each other.

Thanks again to all for letting me use your pictures.