Smokers have always joked about the day it's illegal to smoke in your own home.  For one California town, that reality has been voted into law.

San Rafael, California has passed what has to be the most strict in the enter country. Voters in San Rafael actually voted a smoking ban for any dwelling that shares a common wall with another property.

The ban applies to anyone who owns or even rents a condominium, co-ops, apartments and any multi-family residence containing three or more units.

I'm not sure how I feel about this to be honest.  It all comes down to the smoking bans that took place here in Colorado years ago that forced many businesses to close their doors.  I feel that a smoking ban should be decided by the business owner.  If the business owner wants to allow smoking in their establishment, that is their choice. Just like the non-smoker has a choice to not enter that establishment. Perhaps that business does better business with smokers than non-smokers or perhaps the non-smokers not coming would be their demise.  The point is, the future of someone's business should be left in their hands.

I think it's a total crock of you know what!

The same applies for owning a property, not a rental.  The owner of a rental has the right to make any rules they want and there aren't many places you can rent and smoke anyway.  So back to owning a condo or a unit in a 4-plex.  I bought the place.  It's my right!  If potential new owners don't want to live next to a smoker, it's their choice to look elsewhere.  Just like the non-smoker can go find a non-smoking eatery.

We live in a free country and smokers still have rights too last time I checked.