It captured the hearts of millions and still the talk of the town. The "Brotherhood" commercial that Budweiser threw together was one of the best, ever.  Now, the superstar of the commercial has a new name.

Meet Hope and Stan (Facebook)

Her name is "Hope."  Yup, "she" was actually a "he" but who noticed.  The beautiful 3-week old filly also got her name from a fan base of around 70,000 who chimed in to name the new equine superstar.

Although "Hope" will never be on a hitch team (Males Only) she could be kept on as a future mother or colts that aren't kept are sold for about $5000.  Susan?

Actually, there were two new babies on the naming block and about 40 more due in 2013.

The other new addition to the Warm Springs Ranch this year is a little colt who was born 36 hours prior to "Hope."  He has been named "Stan," in honor of St. Louis Cardinals great Stan "The Man" Musial, who died last month at age 92.