It looks like the days of Kyle Orton being a back-up QB are over...will he head back to the windy city and start in place of the ailing Jay Cutler?  Now, how ironic would that whole twist be?  Me personally, I can see it happening and I think you will see Kyle Orton starting for Da Bears this weekend.

According to Pro Football

The move comes as a surprise, but maybe it shouldn’t: Tebow has solidified his hold on the starting job, and if the Broncos wanted to get a look at another quarterback later in the year, it would probably be Brady Quinn, not Orton. So if Orton isn’t going to play — and isn’t in the team’s long-term plans — why keep him on the roster and pay him another $2.5 million just to stand on the sideline holding a clipboard for six more weeks?

Where it gets interesting is that Orton now becomes available to any team that wants to put in a waiver claim for him. The Chicago Bears, who traded Orton to Denver for Jay Cutler, would have to strongly consider claiming Orton now that they’re in the midst of a playoff race and Cutler is nursing a broken thumb.

The Texans and Chiefs, both of whom also have playoff hopes and also have injured quarterbacks, would have to consider Orton as well.

What are YOUR thoughts on the surprising move or is it a surprise at all?  Leave your comments here on this blog for the "big debate."