Sure, with two games to play the Bronco's are not guaranteed their first playoff spot since the 2005 season, but after the way they started, it is a lot closer then most of us thought it would ever be. After another crazy week on the gridiron, the playoff picture got a little more blurry for the Broncos and their fans with tiebreakers and such, but I am here to sort it all out.

Although Denver lost to New England on Sunday, there was reason for Bronco fans to cheer. The Raiders who were only one game behind the Broncos in the AFC west standings also lost in heartbreaking fashion. That created the easiest playoff situation there is to explain. The Broncos win their next two games against Buffalo and Kansas City, they win the division and they are in.

Now, if the Broncos choose to win only one of their next two games the game that would be most important based on the NFL's tie breaking rules would be their week 17 game against Kansas City. A win in this, their final game would also promise the Broncos a playoff birth.

Here is where things get a little tricky. All four teams in the AFC West can still win the division, and here is how...

* The Kansas City Chiefs win the AFC West with:

1. The Chiefs have to win their last two games against the Raiders and Broncos.

2. The Bills have to beat the Broncos next week.

3. The Chargers lose once in their next two games.


*The San Diego Chargers win the AFC West with:

1. The Chargers have to win their final two games.

2. The Broncos have to lose both of their last two games.


*The Oakland Raiders win the AFC West with:

1. The Raiders win their last two games.

2. Denver beats Buffalo, but loses to Kansas City

If that doesn't make your head spin enough, the Broncos are still also alive in the AFC Wild Card race if they don't win their division. I am not even going to get into those crazy scenarios that involve not only all the AFC West teams except the Chiefs, but also the Jets and Bengals too in the hopes that it doesn't get that far for the Bronco's.

Denver is right where they want to be, in the drivers seat. Win and they are in! Go Broncos!