And after all the good,bad and the ugly, are you still a fan?How do you feel about the game, double overtime, pretty excited or frustrating? I can imagine several people thinking we had this in the bag and go home from the frigid cold, others turning off their televisions and moving on to the next event or task of the day, only to find out that we didn't win. Was that you?


  • Number 11, Trindon Holliday, now here's a little package with a lot of boom. This dynamic charge for the Broncos broke two NFL records in the in the A.F.C. Divisional game Saturday.
  • Ronnie Hillman, second half, Nuff said!
  • Others may have been choking but, Woodyard put on his big boy pants and came to the game with determination.


  • The officiating, end of story.
  • Defense, calling all D players to the field!
  • Rahim Moore
  • Broncotalk is comparing this game to 1996

Well, at least I hope the company was good, the food was yummy and the beverages were of plenty. Now, who will win the Superbowl?