I can breathe again. The Broncos opened training camp yesterday. I really struggle from February to July with my football withdrawals. There is something about football that just seems to unite people. We have something in common to talk about all week and rally around. We talk around the water cooler about the game last week and then game coming up next week. We play fantasy football and get in football pools picking the games. We gather for the games and eat, drink and be merry. I am one of those people who always need something to look forward to and having a game every week fills that bill.

This is one of the most anticipated seasons in the history of the Broncos. They had great success last year with a very young team. That young team now a veteran leader in Peyton Manning who is like a coach on the field. He is going to make a young talented receiver corp reach their potential. I may be bold here but I am thinking Super Bowl this year. I know the Patriots will be very strong but I think Denver and New England will be the teams to beat. I love my Broncos and can't wait to spend every weekend with them. Go Broncos!!!