Many picked it before the season even started.  This was to be Denver's year for the Superbowl. Talk today though is about Richard Sherman.

Unless you follow the NFL you likely have no idea who #25 Richard Sherman is.  Many circles call him the best Cornerback in the game and they're probably right. With being the best comes the luxury of backing up smack if you're a smack talker.

Cue up the end of the Seattle/San Francisco game. The Niners need a touchdown to go ahead late in the game and the time has come to pit the the best against the best; Mano a Mano.  22 seconds left in the game and the pass goes into the end zone for Michael Crabtree but Seattle's Richard Sherman times it perfectly, bats it away and then it gets intercepted by a over.

The best at his position once again backed up his mouth...which he let loose again after the game saying what he is expected to say.  He's the 'best' and Crabtree is 'mediocre' etc.  So why is everyone calling him classless, disprectful, mean, rude and much more. Sure he could have taken the high road and not said anything, but that isn't Richard Sherman and let's be clear, this isn't the first time he has blatantly mocked and taunted a player. His most infamous display was against Tom Brady as irony would have it...when he was up his face asking him if 'he was mad' along with some other choice tidbits.

I heard it summed up the best this morning, "If he's your villain you love him."  When Bill Romanowski was our villain, we loved him and then hated him when he wasn't.  Admit it. He did much worse than Richard Sherman and was loved by us all.  Just because you have a made for TV life story like Michael Oher - The Blind Side, doesn't mean you have to be an alter boy; but if your going to be a bad boy, you'd better be able to back it up.

The point is this: If you can talk the talk and walk the walk by backing up your actions and your character is a trash talker in the first place, then you are doing exactly what you are expected to do. Congratulations, you've earned it but good luck next week when Demaryius Thomas makes you look like a complete fool on a football field.  (Insert smiley face)