The outcome of your day depends on which side of the bullet you're on when you live in Afghanistan. So how did one bullet kill 6 insurgents?

This story actually took place back in December but it's only been released now because the Brits are also moving all their troops out of Afghanistan by the end of the year and the Canadians have already pulled all their troops.

Hey Congress, HINT HINT HINT!

Anyway, the 20 year Lance Corporal with the Coldstream Guard took out 6 insurgents at 930 yards with one shot when he spied one of them holding a bomb. So what did he do? Yup, he aimed for the trigger and nailed it on one shot blowing him and the 5 around him straight to hell.

The shot of a lifetime and one that only happens on video games. This wasn't his first awesome shot; he also took out a bad guy at 1465 yards which was actually his first confirmed kill. Bloody good mate...cheers!