Valentine's Day is coming Monday and men are scared. What do I get my loved one that will make her happy and won't make me broke? This can be tough one but I am here to help. First of all here are a few things you DON'T want to get her.

Do not get her a heart shaped box of dog biscuits, even if she has 7 dogs. Do not get her a piece of exercise equipment even if she says that is what she wants, do not fall for that one guys. Do not get her a vacuum, trust me. Do not, no matter what, give her a coupon for something you made up. You know the ones..."good for a free back rub", "good for a weekend away", "good for one free housecleaning by the family so you can have a day off". These will come back to bite you. Not only do they think they are useless and a cop out, but they may try to redeem them on double coupon day. Then what?!? Here a few easy ways to tell her what she means to you for just pennies. Get a box of those valentine's that you used to give out at school. You know the box of 40 Scooby Doo valentines like you always see for the kids. Write a reason you love her on the back of each one and seal them and have her open them one at a time. It is sweet and cheap and she will be putty in your hands. Get a bucket of sidewalk chalk and make a big heart with her name on it in your driveway or sidewalk so she sees it when she gets home. Tell you would love to take her to a beach and get her away but couldn't afford it so you did the next best thing...turn your bedroom into a beach. Get some paper palm trees and sea shells from a party supply store, get a bucket or 2 of sand and some beach towels and have them laying out in the bedroom. Put a space heater in there to get it nice and tropical and have some Jimmy Buffett cranking on the stereo and she will be taken away to your private paradise. If none of this works, give her a coupon for a better Valentine's Day next year.