I anxiously went to go see the remake of True Grit last weekend. I was so excited to see it, I just love westerns and since the previews were awesome and it"s TRUE GRIT, how could I go wrong? 

I thought they stayed very true to the original story, very well casted and well done in every way. Jeff Bridges was excellent as Rooster Cogburn, Matt Damon was perfect in role as LaBoeuf and Hallie Steinfeld was incredible as the young head strong Mattie Ross. This was a well acted, well directed, well made movie BUT in spite of all of that...I was disappointed as I left. While all the performances were excellent and the story is a very good one, I have come to one conclusion...you just can't remake John Wayne. Jeff Bridges portrayal was much dirtier and meaner than John"s and probably technically better acted but John Wayne is just one of those guys you cannot try to redo. I got home from the movie and pulled out the original from 1969 and watched it the following day. I found I did enjoy the original much more. Am I getting too old? No, I just still think John Wayne rules and this new version of True Grit just cemented that in my mind, pilgrim!