Today is one of my favorite days, it is Teacher Tuesday on K99. This is the day, thanks to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, that we get to go to a classroom and honor an outstanding teacher. It is always so fun to see the look on the teachers face when we come in and the joy in kids eyes seeing their teacher get the goodies.

Kids always tend to say the most amusing things. I remember a few years back I was honored to carry the Olympic torch when it came through our area for the 2002 games. I got to keep the torch and brought it to a school to show the kids. One student came up and said, "what event were you in?" I could tell by his look that he didn't think I was much of an athlete. I told him I was on the cross country buffet team. Another time Todd and I were taking questions from the class when a child raised their hand and asked the question, "I read books", another child raised their hand and asked, " I read books too". The teacher then told the class that those were not questions and asked if anyone had a real question for us when a hand popped in the air, "did you know I read books?" the child asked. Gotta love our kids. Today I well be heading to Meeker Elementary School in Greeley and honoring Ms. Peggy Hoerner, a 2nd grade teacher. I will be bringing along goodies from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, at least the ones that survive the trip with a couple of chubby guys. Nominate your teacher by completing the nomination form at under the "Features" tab!