Men smell. We have a natural pleasing hint of oak, meat and dust. So why are there so many fragrances for men to cover up their natural man smell? I remember growing up to the smell of grandpa's Brut 33, Old Spice, Hi Karate or any other fragrance that Burt Reynolds would have worn.

That smell would cling to you like Saran Wrap for hours. What type of scent of mass destruction was in that stuff? Nowadays it seems like every celebrity is coming out with their own line of fragrances. Jennifer Lopez, Faith Hill, Taylor Swift and Tim McGraw just to name a few all have smells in their names. I am still waiting for them to unleash "Willie". All the scents of a Willie Nelson concert and Willie himself, all put together in one bandana wrapped bottle. "Mmmmm, is that Willie you're wearing?", I can hear the ads now. The latest fragrance to join the fray is called "Money". Perfume manufacturer Patrick McCarthy has blended the aromas of money, ocean breezes and citrus with rosemary, grass and the woods to make one called "His Money" and money with mandarin oranges, pink grapefruit, freesia, passion fruit and melon to make "Her Money". I am not sure what money smells like. I had many relatives who were ranchers who always told me that the smell of manure was the smell of money. Apply with caution