Well the holidays have passed and it's time to kick things back into gear. I had been doing good with my new healthier way of living but I took a little hit over the holidays. I ate a few too many things I shouldn't have. I am a diabetic so a proper diet is so important for me. It is hard to do when you are visiting and away from home. If I don't keep my blood sugars in check then I get no rest. If you are diabetic and let your sugars elevate you find yourself having to go to the bathroom every 2 hours or so which does not make it possible to get a good nights sleep. If you are up every other hour your brain doesn't get to shut down and reboot itself like it needs to with sustained, uninterrupted sleep. The brain is the only part of the body that actually needs to shut down in order to function properly.

I am always honest with you and I can tell you that this disease messes with you in ways you don't expect. I will tell you that I truthfully have sat on the edge of my bed and teared up every single morning for the last year wondering if I have the strength and brain power to go in and be entertaining. I battle this daily. I have gotten some anxiety medicine that is helping me but I had a friend at work suggest that I try chia. Chia, like the stuff in Chia pets, is supposed to be great for you in it's seed form. You mix it up with fruit juice or water and chug it 5 times a week. It is supposed to be cleansing, help with weight loss, diabetes and give me more energy. I am most interested in the energy. If this stuff can give me a little more zip and help me wake up not feeling defeated I am all for it. There are many kinds of chia and I am currently using a fancy high priced one called Mila. I have not seen much effect yet after a couple of weeks aside from my digestive system seems to have been overtaken by a Play-Doh factory.

Brian Gary, TSM

I am not giving up on this. I am changing for life, not just a month or so and will be the best me yet. 2013 look out, I am going to be ready for whatever you bring me. Join me and let's get feeling better. We all know the key is simple...eat less and move more.