There are few things in this world more delicious than a steak cooked on the grill. I love a steak but have never been able to make one at home that comes close to how good they are in a steakhouse..until this weekend.

If you have been to the grocery store lately you have noticed that the steak sauce isle has gotten huge. There are so many sauces and ready to go marinades now that it boggles the mind. Last night I tried A-1 New York Steakhouse marinade flavored with black pepper and onion. Woo hoo!! Talk about a delicious steak. I poured the bottle over 4 new york strips last night and the whole family agreed they were the best steaks I have pulled off at home. I earned my chef hat last night.

Thank you A-1. Try it for yourself. A-1 New York Steakhouse marinade gets this fat, hairy barbeque mans seal of approval