What am I going to get Mom for Mother’s Day? That is a question that haunts us each year. Trying to find the perfect gift for the perfect lady can be a tough task. We want to get her something she will never forget, like a bear holding a heart that says “world’s greatest mom”, or maybe we can do better than that. According to the National Restaurant Association 75 million Americans will dine out this Sunday. It seems we all like to take Mom out for a meal on Mother’s Day to give her a break. If you are doing this, make your reservation now.

When it comes to gifts, a day at the spa is the number one want by moms according to a new survey by Buy.com followed by gift cards and a new computer. Moms ranked flowers as their least desired gift. I believe anything you do for mom that is full of sincerity and thought is all that really matters to them. Just let mom know how much you love and appreciate her, show her and tell her, nothing will mean more. You could do her daily chores for her, do laundry, do that task she has always wanted done but never got around to it, make a scrapbook of photos of you and mom together and moments you shared together, this is priceless and will melt her heart.

As a married man with children, I have had to handle not only my mother but of course my wife on Mother’s Day as well. I don’t always hit a home run when it comes to buying her gift. Here are my Top 5 Mother’s Day Presents I Bought For My Wife That Weren’t So Smart…

5- Coupon for a back rub (they gave her a funny look when she tried to redeem this at King Soopers)

4-UConn Huskies Starter Jacket (it had a dog on it, thought it was a cute idea)

3-Candle with a purple guy with his finger in his nose and a sign that said “we pick you” (I knew this was a bad idea even as I walked to the register)

2-Gardening stool and dirt (nothing says “thanks for all you do” like a load of dirt)

1-Mitre saw (now she can build me a dog house to sit in and think about what I have done)

Give mom something this year but more than anything give her your love and respect…or a mitre saw