I have a favor to ask this holiday season. I want you to make a vow with me to spread kindness and happiness. I think the world can be a mean and heartless place at times. It seems like we are all in such a hurry and stressed out from the daily grind that we forget what life is really all about. I firmly believe in the golden rule of treating people how I would want to be treated. I tend to forget this from time to time, like when I am driving in traffic and get behind someone who is going too slow and I fly by then grumbling. What if that person had just lost their job, found out their loved one was just diagnosed with cancer, had their daughter just leave for the military and was missing them or some other life crisis? I need to quit being so selfish and think of others.

We get so caught up in deadlines and work that we forget to stop and take in all the joys of the world. I had one of those “life is so beautiful” moments the other weekend. I have a favorite picture of my son Nick, it is a picture of him when he was about 3 years old wearing his Superman pajamas sitting in my radio studio with a bag of fun fruits laying out in front of him. I have always treasured that picture. Last weekend my son came to visit. We were sitting up watching TV together when I went to the kitchen to get a snack. I saw a box of fun fruits in cupboard I had bought for my grandson. I grabbed 2 bags of them and asked Nick if he wanted one. I sat there in my living room eating fun fruits with my now 25 year old son, trying not to let him see the tears rolling down my cheeks as I thought about that little 3 year old in the picture and here he was 22 years later still sitting with dad eating fun fruits. I know it sounds silly but that is a moment I will treasure forever. We need to take more time to enjoy the fun fruits of life. That is where you find the joy and happiness. .

We have the ability to spread joy and happiness every day and that is the favor I am asking of you this holiday season. I ask you to join the K99 Kindness Brigade. I want you to make a vow to do at least 3 kind things each day through the holidays. You could compliment someone, open the door for them, let them merge in front of you in traffic without a hand gesture, donate to a food bank, drop off a toy to a toy drive, help an elderly woman with her groceries, say thank you to a veteran, shovel someones sidewalk or simply give a meaningful smile or hug to someone who needs it.

You have the ability to help make this a kinder world this holiday season and every day. Please say yes and be a part of the K99 Kindness Brigade. Are you in?