Today is going to be the coldest day we have had in years. The kids are home from school, unless you live in Ault, and you need something to entertain them for the day. You could ask them to clean out their rooms and closets but we know that isn't going to happen. How about setting in for some grilled cheese, soup and great family movie?

Last week I picked up a copy of Secretariat and I can not recommend this movie enough. I absolutely loved it! Disney has the ability to make movies that touch my heart, my funny bone and make me stand up and cheer, like nobody can. This is the story of the legendary Secretariat who won the triple crown in 1973, and many consider the greatest race horse of all time. The movie plays out like most Disney movies with adversity to overcome and a family coming together to do it. I cried about 5 times during the movie, from joy and from heart touching scenes and triumph, but I am a big softy.

Diane Lane plays Penny Chenery Tweedy, the horse owner who lived in Denver at the time, and is just delightful making her way in a sport dominated by men. I have always loved her in movies and she does a great job in this one. The real star of the movie, aside from Secretariat, is John Malkovich and his portrayal of trainer Lucien Laurin. His character is larger than life and steals his wardrobe from Super Fly. There is plenty of action, laughs, suspense, everything you need to entertain anyone in your family. This one makes my top ten list for the past year. Pull up a blanket and settle in for a great time