If you ever want to start an argument, state who is the all time best at something and you will get a hearty debate. When it comes to favorite country artists of all time, there should be no argument, it is your personal opinion. If you were making a Mount Rushmore of your favorite country stars of all time, what 4 artists would be on it? There is no right or wrong answer, just what 4 are your all time favorites. If you were to go through your library, who do you own the most music of? What 4 make you go the record store or ITunes and make a purchase? I have toiled over my selections for this for hours figuring who should honestly make this list.

I could go with who historically has influenced country music like Hank Williams or Patsy Cline but honestly, I don’t own a single piece of music by either of these. George Jones and Conway Twitty and Willie Nelson are all Hall of Fame type performers but will get no head room on my monument. I appreciate Brooks and Dunn, Shania, Reba, Dolly and Kenny Rogers but they do not make my Rushmore either. Alabama, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash and Garth Brooks just missed my list and are my alternates.

Here is Brian Gary’s Mount Rushmore of my favorite country artists of all time...George Strait, Chris LeDoux, Gary Allan and Waylon Jennings. I went through my music library and I have more from these 4,that I still actively listen too, than any other artists and would still run, okay drive, to the store for new music from them. Who would be on your Mount Rushmore?